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themes in the slots

Some game analysts say that the theme of a game is its aesthetics. This is a fairly objective analysis, but partial. The theme of a game is much more than its aesthetics, since a slot game is understood far beyond its visual aspect, for example, the name given to the slot.

Perhaps for a player, the name of the machine exerts a much stronger power of attraction than the visual effects produced. Thus, a player looking for a classic three-reel, one-line slot with the hypothetical name of “Dangerous Sharks!” Hitting the spin button can get a much higher adrenaline rush than in games with many lines and great visuals.

We can also mention the sound effects of a slot machine that serve to attract the player. It is said that if we watch a horror movie and decide to turn off the sound, the movie loses its ability to cause fear. In slots we can say the same: in a good slot, sound effects are essential to keep the player’s attention.

Why consider the theme when choosing a slot machine?

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The theme of a slot machine is its soul, it involves a whole macrocosm that begins with the name, the visual aesthetics, the animation and the sound effects, so it is normal that the choice of a slot machine is considered for its theme.

The theme is also taken into account when choosing a slot on an occasional basis. For example, a player likes to play a certain slot, but because it is late October, he prefers to play a Halloween slot or a witch or horror movie slot.

Another example, in the Chinese horoscope, the years are given by the influence of an animal. Hopefully in a year of the snake players will look for slots with that theme, or they will look for rabbit slots in the year of the rabbit.

The theme of a slot is very important because it determines the player’s interest and attention towards the game. It would be very bad for a bettor to play a game in which the theme does not interest them, or even dislikes the theme. Therefore, the bettor should choose only games with an interesting theme so as not to lose attention while spinning the reels.

In conclusion: thematic or RTP?

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After exploring the theme and RTP criteria we can have some idea of what to base our choice of slots on. Regardless of the criteria, it is important to always check detailed game information on the slot itself. This is a good way for those looking to earn more, or be more informed.

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