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Bet Types

In this article you will see what types of bets exist, how they are made and what are the best options for the bettor. From the beginner to the professional. From the most basic markets to the most alternative, discover which one best suits your betting profile and… let’s play!

Know all the possible types of bets

What types of bets are there?

There are different types of bets, for the most different bettor profiles. First let’s talk about selection bets. Basically, there are three types of selections: the simple bet, the combined bet and the system bet.

But within each event there are the most diverse types of betting markets that you can explore. Keep reading until the end to meet them.

Money line

This is the American format for displaying odds when betting. But it also refers to the single bet on a win. You bet on who will be the winner.

What is a single bet?

The single bet is the most basic selection method of all. It is a bet on the outcome of a single event or game.

Types of sports bets

Types of sports bets

Bet 1×2 or Final Result (Match Odds)

This is one of the most popular betting formats. The dynamic is very simple: you have to guess who will be the winner of the match or if there will be a draw. There will be a different earnings quote on each result. For those who want to start betting online, this is a good modality.

Double Chance Bet

This type of bet represents, as the name itself suggests, a “double chance”. The bettor throws his chips in two of the three possible results of a match, for example: “victory of the local or tie”. He wins if he hits one of these possibilities. It also offers less chance of risk, but in return, the return on profit is not so attractive.

Tie Bet Cancels Bet (or Draw No Bet)

Also known as DNB, for the English term known as Draw No Bet, Tie Cancels Aposta is one of the modalities in soccer where the winner of the game is chosen, and in case of a tie, the bet is canceled and the money is returned to the bettor. It is a basic type of bet, which prevents risks.

Bet Over/Under 2.5 goals (or Over/Under 2.5)

It refers to the number of goals that the teams will score in a match. Here the bettor has to guess if the teams will score more or less than 2 goals in the game. What can confuse some beginners is the fact of presenting broken numbers: “More than 1.5”, “Less than 3.5”, “More than 0.5”. This is to make it more clear when you win.

For example, in “Under 3.5”, with up to 3 goals in the game the bet is won. From 4 goals, you lose. The “.5” is used to help separate the possibility of 3 goals and 4 goals. If this did not exist, that is, the market was called “Under 3 goals”, it would not be clear if, in case there were 3 goals in the match, it would be a won or lost bet.

First Half/Final Result Bet

Final Result Bet

This modality allows you to bet on the result of the first and/or second half of the game. The idea here is to guess who will be the winner of the first or second half, being able to combine both results. In other words, in this type of multiple bet, in which the prize is higher, you have to hit both parts of the game to win.

What is the best type of bet?

It is impossible to define what is the best type of bet, since it depends on several factors. From the experience of betting, your tastes, what follows, in which market do you understand that you are doing better. These types of bets move less with your psychological state and even more,

Therefore, a beginner bettor can start with the simpler markets, such as 1×2 (Match Odds), while more experienced bettors. Everyone can learn and practice in more alternative markets and achieve better opportunities with each of the types of bets discussed here.

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