What are Handicap Bets?

Handicap Bets

You’ve certainly read that word on some betting site, haven’t you? The term in English is common in sports betting and, although it sounds like something out of this world, it is very easy to understand. For those unfamiliar, the Handicap allows us to increase or decrease the risk when betting.

In this article, you will finally understand what Handicap is, what its differences are and how you can benefit from this type of betting at Bodog. To begin with, you need to know that there are two types of Handicap, the Asian (AH) and the European (EH).

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap equalizes the strength of two teams, deducting goals or points from the favorite and adding them to the underdog. Let’s imagine that Liverpool, one of the most important teams in the Premier League, receives the bottom of the table. The victory odds for the English giant are only 1.10, because being the favorite in the dispute has an unattractive odds. The opponent, in turn, with a low probability of winning, has a fairly high win odds of 19.0.

In this case, the Handicap “takes away” the two goals from Liverpool and adds the same number of goals to the underdog, bringing the odds closer to 2.0, both for Liverpool and for its rival. In short, the reason for the existence of the Asian Handicap is to even the bets. Well, it’s fair that Liverpool start the game with two goals behind and, on the other hand, that the visitor starts the game with 2 goals in favor.

European Handicap

European Handicap

The difference between the European Handicap and the Asian Handicap is that in the previously explained market there is a return of full or partial bets. In the European this does not happen. In addition, in the European Handicap you can bet on a tie, which does not happen in the Asian one.

If you bet on Bristol City (-1), you will win the bet if the team wins by at least 2 goals difference. However, if the English team scores only 1 goal difference, the bet is not void but lost. And because there is no tie, the odds for the European Handicap are generally higher than the Asian Handicap.

What are Head to Head bets?

Head to Head betting is available for sports where a direct comparison can be made between players or teams (Formula 1, for example). If you bet on Lewis Hamilton in a Head to Head bet between Hamilton and Alonso in a Formula 1 race, you win if Hamilton finishes ahead of Fernando Alonso in the final standings. It is certainly an excellent type of bets.

What does 2 Way or 3 Way Bet mean?

2 Way or 3 Way Bet

2-Way Bets are used in cases where there are only two chances of winning. Either team A or team B wins. The most common case is in tennis: Player A or Player B. 3-Way Bets arise when there are three possibilities, one of which is usually a draw. The most common case is in soccer: Team A, tie or Team B.

What is a Banker?

The Banker is only possible with System Bets. If you are sure of a result within your selections in the System Bet, you will be able to select a Banker. If you hit, your earnings increase. In case of mistake, you lose.

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