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Craps games are very simple and intuitive. Being small cubes with 6 faces, dice enchant players for the multiple possibilities of play and fun they offer. One of the most common games for those who want to play craps online is Craps.

With its large green board, filled with squares with numbers and phrases like “Come” (literal translation is “Come”) and “Don’t eat” (literal translation is “Don’t come”), Craps can be a bit intimidating for beginners and seem somewhat complicated.

But after understanding the basic rules and learning some strategies about online craps games, the player is assured of many fun times and the possibility of high winnings. Next, let’s read the article, enjoy reading!

Craps and dice game in online casino

The Craps game may not be exactly the best known in a casino. Compared to the different types of slot machines or the big roulette, the Craps table might go under the radar. We could say that, like a special jewel, Craps keeps its secrets and its fortunes.

Apart from the large board, Craps uses very simple materials and does not rely on large machines or gadgets, as it is played with only two dice. The player who rolls the dice, called the “Shooter”, must throw the dice at least halfway down the table, with one of the dice touching the opposite wall of the table. Is it just luck and rolling a pair of dice? Keep reading and you will see that it is not so.

Basic strategy to play and bet on Craps

bet on Craps

There are many types of betting in Craps and some inexperienced players may feel intimidated. But that is not necessary, since once the basic rules are learned, the game is quite intuitive. If you are a beginning player and just getting to grips with Craps, you may want to read an article on craps tips for beginners available on the Bodog blog.

As in games with a wide betting range, Craps offers the player the possibility of placing bets with a higher or lower house edge. This way, if the player tries to beat the banker, he must make most of his moves on lower edge bets. We can say that the player should prefer betting on the edge of the table and avoid betting on the center. Let’s see what they are:

Types of bets and house advantage:

  • Bets on “Pass line” (Pass line): in this type of bet the house has an advantage of 1.41%.
  • “Come” bets: the house edge in this type of bet is the same as in the “Pass line” bet; that is, 1.41%.
  • Bets on “Don’t Pass Bar”: in this type of bet the house advantage is of the order of 1.47%
  • Bets on “Don’t come” (Do not come): In this type of bet the house advantage is the same as in “Don’t pass bar”; that is, around 1.47%.

Dodging bad bets

In a game it is important to know what are the good and bad bets. Well, if before we have talked about the best types of bets and the house advantage, now we will talk about the worst bets, so you can avoid them.

“Single-roll” bets are those that bet that the dice will add up to a certain number and usually have a high house advantage, greater than 10%. Let’s see what those bets are:

  • Bet “The field” (Field) To win, the player has to make the dice add up: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. In this type of bet the house advantage is of the order of 2.78% or double -5.56%- depending on the house.
  • Bet “Any Craps” (Any Craps): To win the player needs the dice to add up to 2, 3 or 12. This type of bet pays 7 to 1 and gives the house an advantage of 11.11%.
  • “Any 7” (Any 7): To win in this bet the dice must add up to 7 points. This type of bet pays 4 to 1 and has odds of ⅕, giving the house edge 16.67%.

Multiplying the odds of winning

odds of winning

If the player does not get an immediate loss or win, a point is established once the player gets his come out roll. From then on, players who bet on “Come” or “Pass” have a new betting option. In this second part of the round, players should take advantage of the multiplication odds of the bet, since these decrease the house advantage.

If another bet such as the initial “Pass” is placed, the house edge will drop to 0.8%. If the bet is doubled, the margin is reduced to a mere 0.6%. These values decrease as the value of the bet increases. To give you an idea, a 100x bet with free odds leaves the house edge at a mere 0.02%.

Let the dice roll!

What did you think of the strategies presented in this article? Did you know that the riskiest bets in Craps are located in the center of the table and the safest on the edge? Ditch the one-roll bets and stick to the Pass and Don’t Pass and Come and Don’t Come bets?

We hope you liked this online craps strategies article. Stay tuned to our blog because we always bring tips and news from the gaming world. Good luck!

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