Touring Car Racing

Touring car racing is a category of competition automobile racing generally based on endurance races. Despite its popularity in numerous countries, it does not match Formula One in its following or the speed demonstrated by participating cars. The style consists of 3-24 hour long races carried out on street circuits and road courses, testing the reliability of the cars, the driver’s skill and endurance, and the handiwork of pit crews. Championships are often won by a measure of milliseconds, and titles lost on the back of the most minuscule of mistakes.

The vehicles used in touring car racing are similar to family style cars such as hatchbacks and sedans, and a great deal of the sports following can be attributed to this. Spectators tend to enjoy watching high-speed endurance racing with cars comparable to their own. The use of these heavy bodied vehicles rather than the aerodynamic, technically catered vehicles allows for the easier passing of fellow racers, and occasionally nudging of other competitors, without compromising safety. The result is an entertaining and exciting sport.

The construction of a touring race car is complex, lengthy process, and exceptional attention to detail must be paid before a vehicle can be equipped to race in competitions. It begins with a standard car used in everyday life and is converted to its bare body shell through a process known as acid dripping in order to remove all the paint and lighten the car of its fixtures. In other words, reverting the machine into bare metal. The car is then fitted with frames and sub-frames and as races can be won or lost in milliseconds, measurements of millimeters can make or break the integrity of a top race car. The installation of suspension systems, the roll cage, engine, wishbones, dampeners, and the cockpit follows, and then an electronic dashboard and braking systems are fitted. After thousands of hours of tedious and careful work, the car is ready to be stickered and raced. All of this work contributes to the reliability of these vehicles over incredibly long and entertaining endurance races.

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