The Sport Of Automobile Racing

The concept of automobile racing as a sport is a relatively simple one, get from start to finish before the other vehicles do, but since the birth of auto racing in 1867, shortly after the first motorized vehicles were invented, the variations in style and category have increased exponentially. Organized races were initially used as a platform for testing the reliability of motor cars and their potential role as a form of transportation. However, the growing commercialization of the motor industry brought with it the need to demonstrate the power and usability of manufacturer’s machines in order to compete against each other in a rapidly expanding market.

These original competitions became the auto racing industry as it known today, a worldwide phenomenon that has exploded in popularity over the last century. The sport now has a multitude of categories, each with its own particular set of rules and regulations. The most popular type, Formula 1 racing, has an international viewership of over 500 million people. This immense measure of fame and excitement surrounding the sport, along with a growing commercialization, and an increase in technological advancement, has encouraged auto manufacturers to push the boundaries of design and engineering. There are many reasons why car racing is a billion dollar industry, it entices the viewer, accelerates past speeds recently thought to be impossible, combines skill, reflexes, information processing and knowledge of mechanics all into the form of one versatile and ever-changing sport.

On this site, you will find a collection of articles spanning the various categories of automobile racing.

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