Drag Car Racing

Drag car racing is another type of organized, regulated motorsport racing set on a straight track usually 1/4 mile (402 meters) in length. Automobiles and sometimes motorcycles compete along this track against each other with the first to cross the finish line being the winner, as such, this is a test of acceleration and top speed. At the pass before each race, the participants are permitted to perform a burnout, which is the action of spinning the wheels whilst braking and keeping the vehicle stationary, this acts to heat up the tires, creates smoke, and improves the traction of the rubber on the tarmac. Betting is quite usual in car racing and among it fans casino have grown as a fun way to try ones luck. Read the reviews at CasinoGuides.ca before you start your online experience.

There are many different classes of drag racing, all sanctioned by participating associations, each with a different set of rules and regulations concerning vehicular modifications, size, weight, body type, engine type and fuel intake. The NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) is the largest of these governing bodies, hosting events and laying out rules for races all over America and Canada, and claim to have over 40,000 drivers in their register within over 200 classes of drag racing. The NHRA has a set 5 top professional classes; Pro Stock, Top Fuel, Pro Stock Motorcycle, Pro Modified and Funny Car. These are generally the most popular and widespread classes within the world of drag racing, and the Top Fuel Dragster classed machines often exceed 325mph and cover dragstrips in mere seconds.

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